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The most important reasons to buy organic produce are:

Organic produce comes from farms where the use of any chemical fertilisers, chemical pesticides or hormones is strictly forbidden.

On the contrary, for their cultivation organic fertilisers such as manure, compost, green manuring etc. are used. As regards the fight against various diseases and insects, it is based on the exposure of the pests to their natural enemies – predatory insects, fungi, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

In organic animal farming, the living conditions of the animals are ecological. The livestock live in areas that allow them to move freely, while the use of medicine and hormones is forbidden for their nutrition and development. In addition, all feed that is consumed is produced organically.

Apart from the fact that organic produce does not contain substances that are harmful for our body, it contains 20-30% less water, more vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins than conventional produce. The consumption of organic produce is particularly important for infants, children and generally for susceptible individuals.

Furthermore, since organic farming does not pollute the ground or aquifer with chemicals, organic produce not only protects the environment but also enhances the fertility of the ground and prevents its erosion.

The production and consumption of organic produce is exceptionally important for the maintenance of sustainability and the protection of the food chain.